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Class Room Program

Two year classroom program (Foundation Batch)

10th appearing students with minimum percentage being 60 in PCMB
Course of XI class should be finished upto 31st Jan of next coming year. Course of XII cells of same batch should be completely along with test upto 31st out of same year.

One year classroom program (Target Batch)

11th appearing or 12th passed students with minimum percentage being 60 in PCB or PCM Batch Time: for 12th pass students 6:00 am to 12:00 noon For teaching purpose than test or assignment Batch Time: for 11th appearing 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm Daily classes including Sunday.

Course is completed along with test according to schedule upto 31st Dec.

In the classroom program, lectures on various subjects i.e. Chemistry, Zoology and Botany are given to the students by professors who are very punctual and complete the given topic on time.

On the completion of a particular chapter, problems concerning the theory are taken upon by the teachers so that the students fully understand the topic.

After each topic, worksheet is provided to the students for regular practice to keep a check on what they have grasped. Their doubts are taken upon by the teachers so that the students become aware of the problems they face in a particular topic.

To test the ability of the students, chapter wise objective test are conducted on each subject so that they may know about their capabilites. Thereafter, the problems of the test are solved by the teachers and the students are asked to go through the paper once again so that they are well – versed in that topic.

Subjective tests are also conducted from time to time, specially for XII-appearing students to improve their writing ability of the students. After the tests, the doubts are solved so that the subjective portion of the student also becomes strong along with the objective one.

Thus, under discipline of the students and hard work of the teachers, great doctors emerge out from RISHI GYAN KENDRA