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Director Desk

Dear Students,
I take this opportunity to welcome you to Rishi Gyan Kendra, an organization well known in academic circles for its mission, values and achievements. It is the dream of every science student to become a doctor or academician and what better place could be there to start but, the prestigious NEET and AIIMS. We at Rishi Gyan Kendra believe in making your dream, a reality and the pathway to the ’s is through . Everyone appears in the exam, but hardly a few succeed. Rishi Gyan Kendra steps in, thus, to provide you the right guidance, providing the skills and helping you avoid common mistakes. We at Rishi Gyan Kendra believe in “work is worship”. While putting you through a rigorous training session our faculty & support team give full time commitment and assistance to enable you to achieve your goals. What we believe, we say, and what we say, we do. There is no substitute to hard work and our team works with single minded devotion. 

We at Rishi Gyan Kendra believe in “Work with a purpose”. We do not aim to make a student an encyclopedia. One has to make right amount of inputs in the right direction at the right time so that each step & every effort moves us closer towards the target. To this end, we provide you competent faculty & support staff, a comprehensive, researched study material etc. 

We, at Rishi Gyan Kendra, believe in “work hard” but also “Work Smart”. To succeed in competitive exams one should not only have sound knowledge of the subject but also have good strategies & skills and acclimatization to examination environment.

Given your willingness to work hard and maintain a positive attitude, I assure you that our classroom program for MEDICAL would be a rich, enjoyable & enlightening experience, equipping you to achieve your loftiest ambitions – clearing the MEDICAL a great career. 

Assuring you of our earnest co-operation.

With best wishes.
Mr. Rishi Kumar Gupta