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Medical Entrance

Pre Medical Entrance Divisions of Rishi Gyan Kendra guide students of Biology Stream students who wish to achieve success in Pre-Medical Entrance Examinations for prestigious courses can join RGK. Rishi Gyan Kendra has been an ideal platform for success; it is enriched by highly successful experience of so many years.

Pre-Medical Division of Rishi Gyan Kendra is driven by passion for excellence in education and has developed unique teaching methodology and system of doing maximum in minimum time with accuracy, which is essential for success in any competitive examination.

Pre-Medical Division of Rishi Gyan Kendra has a team of highly experienced and qualified faculty. They posses outstanding academic credentials, valuable subject knowledge and are capable of teaching their subject efficiently.

They focus not only on making a student thoroughly knowledgeable but they also sharpen student’s efficiency, accuracy and examination temperament. Our subject experts have developed result oriented and effective study material considering the requirement of latest pattern of examination.

Ever since Pre-Medical Division was born, it has been growing at breath taking pace. In the present aura, Pre-Medical students have given results which are unparalleled.

Every year, students trained by us have been securing top ranks at Pre-Medical Entrance Examinations which reflects our commitment to excellence in education. With our inherent strength, we have been working even harder to surpass these results in forthcoming Medical Entrance Examinations.

Salient Features of Pre-Medical Division :

  • Most effective methodology to guide students for Pre-Medical Examinations
  • Highly qualified and experienced faculty
  • Most relevant, comprehensive and effective study material.
  • Scheduled & regular test series for classroom students on latest pattern of NEET, & AIIMS
  • Regular Test Discussions.
  • Personal attention given to every individual student.
  • Excellent academic system & environment to ensure the success of individual student
  • Highly competitive environment
  • Strict discipline maintained
  • Supported by successful experience of more than a decade
  • Proven track record of excellent results.