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NEET Test Schedule -2018

14/10/2018 PHYSICS Mechanical Properties of Solids and Fluid
CHEMISTRY Basic Concepts of Chemistry and Atomic Structure
BIOLOGY Living World  and Biological Classification
21/10/2018 PHYSICS Thermal Expension, Calorimetry, Transfer of Heat
CHEMISTRY Chemical Bonding, States of Matter and Solid State
BIOLOGY Morphology of Flowering Plants and Structural Organisation in Animals
28/10/2018 PHYSICS Isothermal and Adiabatic Process, Thermodynamics and Kinetic Theory of Gases
CHEMISTRY Thermodynamics and Equilibrium-I, II
BIOLOGY Animal Kingdom
05/11/2018 PHYSICS S.H.M. and Oscillation, Wave Motion and Progressive Waves
CHEMISTRY Periodic Properties and Hydrogen
BIOLOGY Plant Kingdom
11/11/2018 PHYSICS Superposition of Waves and Stationary Waves
CHEMISTRY Alkali Metals (Group-I, II)
BIOLOGY Cell : Unit of Life, Cell Cycle, Cell Divisions and Biomolecules
18/11/2018 PHYSICS Beats, Vibration in Stretched String Doppler's Effect
CHEMISTRY Group-13, 14 and 15
BIOLOGY Transport in Plants and Photosynthesis
25/11/2018 PHYSICS Units and Measurements, Errors and Dimensions
CHEMISTRY Group- 16, 17 and 18
BIOLOGY Mineral Nutrition, Respiration and Plant Growth
01/12/2018 PHYSICS Motion in straight Line, Motion in a Plane Vector Analysis.
CHEMISTRY d & f Block and Metallurgy
BIOLOGY Digestion & Absorption and Circulation
08/12/2018 PHYSICS New tons Laws of Motion, Friction and Work Power and Energy
CHEMISTRY Surface and Co-ordination Chemistry
BIOLOGY Excretion, Locomotion and Movement
15/12/2018 PHYSICS Circular Motion, Centre of Mass and Moment of Inertia
CHEMISTRY General Organic Chemistry and Purification
BIOLOGY Breathing & Gas Exchange and Chemical Co-ordination
22/12/2018 PHYSICS Gravitation
CHEMISTRY Hydrocarbons
BIOLOGY Plant Anatomy and Nervous System